Christ Be Our Light performed by St Teresa of Calcutta MAC

This hymn was produced virtually by singing pupils and staff from Archbishop Ilsley, Holy Souls and Holy Trinity.

Combined teams from Chaplaincy, Creative Arts, ICT and Media, created the vision and then produced this final edit that shared the contributions made from people’s homes.


Christ Be Our Light Credits

Composer: Bernadette Farrell

Edited/Arranged: Polly Hancock



Becky Gilbert (HTC Student)

Helen Burrows (ABI)

Colin Crehan (HTC)

Jo Daw (HTC)

Polly Hancock (HTC)

Catherine Henvey + Carys Henvey (HTC)

Vanessa Hodson (HTC)

Susan Jones (HTC)

John McCaul (HTC)

Helen McKiernan (HTC)

Liz Sta#ord (HTC)

Clare Walsh (HTC)

Sally Walton (ABI)

Piano: Polly Hancock

Guitar: John McCaul

Flute: Liz Sta#ord

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