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On this weekend of World Youth Sunday, I would like to share an update regarding some of the wonderful achievements of our young people in the St Teresa of Calcutta Multi-Academy Catholic Company. Our partnership of Catholic Schools currently consists of Archbishop Ilsley Catholic Secondary School and Sixth Form, Holy Souls Catholic Primary School and Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School. We are delighted at the prospect of additional Catholic Primary Schools joining our family of schools in the coming year.
St Teresa of Calcutta, a patron for World Youth, encouraged educators to share these words with the young: 

‘God doesn’t require us to succeed, he only requires that you try’.

In our Academy, we encourage all of our young people to try their best, which results in wonderful successes that I will share a sample of with you now.

  At Holy Souls School we offer our congratulations to Lily-Mae Monaghan (Reception) Maria Mills (Year 5) and Mrs Cardoza for winning an Autumn Colours Photography Competition.  Well done to everyone who entered and shared the wonder and awe of God's creation. We certainly have some budding photographers in school!

At Archbishop Ilsley we offer our huge congratulations to Finley Wright (Year 9). Finley has been consistently one of the highest achievers in the year group every single week! Finley continues to show a strong attitude towards his own education and progression and does so in a manner that is kind and considerate towards his teachers and peers. A huge congratulation to Tayla Griffiths (Year 9) who has grown in confidence through this school year so far and has been identified as her teacher as a student who tries her very best in all lessons and pushes herself to achieve the very best she can. Tayla is actively involved in lessons and is an outstanding role model for her peers both in and out of the classroom.

In Holy Trinity, a huge congratulation to Rabia Talat in (Year 10) who has been selected from many applicants, to be a part of the Birmingham city wide Youth Forum which represents young people making positive change for mental health. A huge congratulation to Ahmed Zahi (Year 9) who in competition with many other young people at trials, has been selected to play for Aston Villa under 14s.  Last weekend, Ahmed assisted a goal in his first performance in a 2-1 victory against Fulham.

(Not quite Burton Albion, Father Alex, but everyone must start somewhere!)  

Please look out for further information regarding our Academy's Virtual Carol Service and annual Christmas hamper appeal and community distribution.  

On behalf of everybody in our Academy, we wish you all the very best during these challenging times and be assured of our prayers.  

Colin Crehan  
Accounting Officer St Teresa of Calcutta Multi-Academy Catholic Company

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