Good evening,

Yesterday, the DFE provided updated guidance for Schools and Education Providers regarding end of term arrangements.

The DFE has recommended that ‘where possible’, Education Providers were to consider closing for pupils on Thursday 17th December. It is proposed that Friday 18th December is to be taken as an additional INSET day for all staff to work from home.

It is advised that this will support with Public Health and the management of Contact Tracing and will provide Headteacher’s with a Christmas break start date of the 24th December. This will leave school leaders with a potential 6 day period, to support the NHS in the management of this pandemic.

For any further information required, please access the following website: GOV.UK / Department for Education / End of term planning

Following consultation with Professional Associations, Directors, Local Governors and Headteacher’s, it was unanimously agreed that the St Teresa of Calcutta MAC would fully support this Public Health advice.

The huge challenge of this term for pupils and staff was also a key consideration in informing this decision.

Our Academy will now close to pupils on Thursday 17th December. This will be a full school day. Individual schools are responsible for the management and catch up of any curriculum time missed as a result of this change.

Headteacher’s will now adjust the final week schedule to ensure that wonderful events such as ‘Virtual Mass’ and our ‘Virtual Academy Carol Service’ still go ahead as planned.

Friday 18th will now be taken as an additional Academy INSET day. School will be closed for all staff. Headteacher’s to organise staff home working provision, based upon individual school context.

The DFE acknowledged that this advice for schools was late into the term and trusted schools to make all of the appropriate arrangements and related communication.

Parents and pupils to now be informed at discretion of Headteachers via the usual mediums of website updates, text messages, tutor notices and through written communication.

Colin Crehan

Accounting Officer

St Teresa of Calcutta Multi-Academy Catholic Company.

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