Update from Mr Crehan – Accounting Officer

Dear members of our community,

I hope this note finds you well as we continue to live our lives through the continued challenges of this pandemic. The last couple of weeks have been busy in the St Teresa of Calcutta MAC, as we have safely welcomed all pupils back into school. It is wonderful seeing our children back in classrooms and learning again. 

I ask you to join us in praying for all our young people who are receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time in the weeks ahead. We pray that all receive God’s grace and comforting assurance as they reach this very important milestone in their spiritual development.

Alongside the operational demands of school life, we are making strong progress in the conversion process to strengthen our MAC with additional Primary Schools joining in the coming months. We have also launched a MAC wide competition with

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Multi Academy Competition – March 2021

We are launching a Multi Academy Company Competition to design

‘A new motto to represent our Catholic Academy Company’

Launch during the week beginning Monday 15th March

Closing date 21st April.

£50 gift voucher up for grabs!

  • Each school promotes the competition to its pupils during the week beginning 15th March.
  • School entries are emailed to the head teacher of each school.
  • All will receive an Easter egg.
  • The head teacher selects 2 winners from their school. These pupils receive a special prize of £50.00 reward of their choosing.
  • The 12 final entries will go to the Head teacher board/Board of Directors and the overall winner will receive a very special prize and have their winning entry put forward as a recommendation to be our new Academy Motto.
  • All pupils across the trust can enter this competition.
  • Pupils are to think of a new Academy Motto which links us altogether
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Catholic Life Update – March 2021

Lent and Easter 2021

Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School

Whole school charity – Alzheimers UK


Week beginning

Assembly Collective Worship in Form Liturgy

March 8th

Lent III

Lent & alms giving/charity – Alzheimers UK and Archdiocese of Birmingham reflection – Dementia Prayer week. Tues: Sunday’s Gospel

Wed: Prefects reflection to whole school

Thurs: Assembly

Fri: Praying for Mothers (Laetare Sunday) &

Jesuit Examen (pm)


March 15th

Lent IV

Saints Joseph Patron of the Universal Church linking his vocation and sacrifice to Lent.   Saint Patrick’s example of alms giving.

Diocesan prayer week – Dementia

Mon: Sunday’s Gospel

Tues: Prefects reflection

Wed: St Patrick (Wear something Green day for Charity)

Thurs: Assembly

Fri: St Joseph’s Day


Stations of the Cross

One RS Lesson on Via Crucis and during next RS lesson pray the stations of the Cross around school site

Key stage 3 with prefect team

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