We are launching a Multi Academy Company Competition to design

‘A new motto to represent our Catholic Academy Company’

Launch during the week beginning Monday 15th March

Closing date 21st April.

£50 gift voucher up for grabs!

  • Each school promotes the competition to its pupils during the week beginning 15th March.
  • School entries are emailed to the head teacher of each school.
  • All will receive an Easter egg.
  • The head teacher selects 2 winners from their school. These pupils receive a special prize of £50.00 reward of their choosing.
  • The 12 final entries will go to the Head teacher board/Board of Directors and the overall winner will receive a very special prize and have their winning entry put forward as a recommendation to be our new Academy Motto.
  • All pupils across the trust can enter this competition.
  • Pupils are to think of a new Academy Motto which links us altogether and which promotes the values we have as a multi academy trust.
  • Pupils can research St Teresa of Calcutta and what she said, achieved and stood for.
  • These can then be linked to what we say, achieve and stand for in the form of a new motto.
  • Each school will enter 2 winning pupils to the grand final. These need to be emailed to Mr Crehan via the Head teacher on the 21st April.
  • Your entry can be in the form of an acrostic, a sentence, both an acrostic and sentence or another creative choice of words.

  • An example of a new Academy Motto:

    L Loyalty

    O Opportunity

    V Values

    E Enrichment

    LOVE underpins everything we do.

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