Dear all

Theme : The Family

As we prepare to celebrate Holy week and Easter this year are thoughts and prayers are with those less fortunate than ourselves. The Global Pandemic has left its mark on most families, the continued conflict in the Ukraine sees families decimated and the prospect of further financial difficulties for families closer to home brings into sharp focus the importance of ‘The Family’ and looking after each other.

What does family mean to you? Is it mum, dad, brother, sister? Is it the extended family of uncles, aunts, grandparents and long-time family friends you’ve always considered as close as relatives? Perhaps it is your neighbour, class, church group or the family of humanity of which we are all part. As we reflect on our own journey during this holy time, and regardless of how your family is constructed, remember how important the family is too you and take time to express your gratitude to them for the love and support they provide.

Happy Easter to everyone in the St Teresa of Calcutta family

God bless


Professor Paul A Ryan

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