Catholic Life Update – March 2021

Lent and Easter 2021

Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School

Whole school charity – Alzheimers UK


Week beginning

Assembly Collective Worship in Form Liturgy

March 8th

Lent III

Lent & alms giving/charity – Alzheimers UK and Archdiocese of Birmingham reflection – Dementia Prayer week. Tues: Sunday’s Gospel

Wed: Prefects reflection to whole school

Thurs: Assembly

Fri: Praying for Mothers (Laetare Sunday) &

Jesuit Examen (pm)


March 15th

Lent IV

Saints Joseph Patron of the Universal Church linking his vocation and sacrifice to Lent.   Saint Patrick’s example of alms giving.

Diocesan prayer week – Dementia

Mon: Sunday’s Gospel

Tues: Prefects reflection

Wed: St Patrick (Wear something Green day for Charity)

Thurs: Assembly

Fri: St Joseph’s Day


Stations of the Cross

One RS Lesson on Via Crucis and during next RS lesson pray the stations of the Cross around school site

Key stage 3 with prefect team

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