Welcome to St. Teresa of Calcutta MAC

Inspired by the example of St. Teresa of Calcutta (click here for biography) our family of schools are underpinned by the virtues of Courage, Compassion and

The St Teresa of Calcutta MAC is courageous in its ambition to provide excellent experiences and the delivering of outstanding outcomes for all young
people aged 4-19 that we are privileged to serve.

High expectations are found in all of our schools, which are characterised by the commitment to an innovative approach to high quality curriculum
provision and teaching and learning. It is through this principle that children develop a love of learning and discover their vocation and calling from God.
Each young person has unique talents that are nurtured and encouraged as they discover their path in life.

Our MAC is compassionate and understanding to the variety of needs that of our young people bring. In this inclusive academy, everyone is valued as a child
of God and nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

We very much look forward to growing and expanding our family of schools within the next 12 months. I would recommend that parents who are
interested in sending their children to learn in our academy take some time to explore this website and that of our individual schools. Prospective members
of staff interested in joining an academy that is committed to professional development please do not hesitate in making contact to find out more.

C Crehan
1 st September 2020

Easter Message from Mr Crehan

Dear members of our community,

I hope this message finds you filled with the great joy and optimism that comes with the Spring.

Well-done to all of the children who have entered our 'MAC Motto Competition'! A high volume of participants so far and there is still time for more entries before the closing deadline of 21st April!

Our ‘Walk with Me’ Lenten Reflection encourages us to look forward to Easter Sunday with great anticipation and joy.

GK Chesterton said ‘Joy is the gigantic secret of the Christian life’. Easter Sunday is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it and spread this infectious joy generously and lavishly. Let us bear in mind the wisdom of St Francis of Assisi: ‘Let the brothers ever avoid appearing gloomy, sad and clouded, like the hypocrites; but let one ever be found joyous in the Lord, happy, amiable, joyous towards everyone we meet’

​On behalf of all connected with the St Teresa of Calcutta MAC, we wish you and very joyful and happy Easter season.

Best wishes,

Colin Crehan
Accounting Officer

Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School

Justus et Tenax Propositi - Just and Firm of Purpose

Holy Trinity Catholic School

Learn to Love - Love to Learn

Holy Souls Catholic Primary School

A place where we pray together and everyone is important


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