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Welcome to the MAC

The MAC was formed on 1st May 2019, with two secondary schools and one primary (Archbishop Ilsley, Holy Trinity and Holy Souls).  Three further primary schools joined in September 2021 (St Chads, St Joseph and The Rosary).

The distinctively Catholic ethos and vision of our MAC,  are inspired by the example of St Teresa of Calcutta and the virtues shown in her life and work. We expect all who learn and work in our schools to : 

  • Have the courage to challenge themselves and transform their world.
  • Show compassion for others, respect diversity, and respond to need.
  • Seek a fulfilling vocation by learning effectively so as to enrich their own lives and become active citizens, equipped for roles of leadership and service, for the common good.

Our schools are all situated within four miles of the cultural and commercial centre of Birmingham. Active engagement with families and parish and local communities is key to their individual strengths.

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Our principal mission and purpose, is to provide the best possible Catholic education for every child, using all our collective talent and resources to secure this. Believing that everyone can succeed and improve on their personal best, we are committed to honest self-evaluation and continuous improvement, in mutually supportive learning communities.

The Saint Teresa of Calcutta MAC exists to serve and encourage young people to discover their God-given gifts and talents. With the example of Christ as our centre, we focus on what unites us as children of God, and the messages of love, service, mercy and compassion, found in the Gospel, to create a caring and loving environment in which the children of our communities can become spiritual, inspired, successful citizens of the world.

The logo of the St Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Multi Academy is a powerful symbol with multiple elements, each representing distinct values and principles.
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st teresa emblem


The dove in the logo embodies peace,

harmony, divine guidance, compassion, purity,

universal love, and hope, reflecting

our commitment to these values.


The butterfly symbolises transformation,

resurrection, spiritual growth, freedom,

and personal growth, nurturing our student's

holistic development.


The hands in prayer convey devotion, unity, compassion,

humility, and peace, emphasising religious values

and a harmonious community.


The heart signifies love, compassion,

spiritual love,empathy, sacrifice, integrity,

and emotional well-being, creating a caring

and supportive educational environment.

The Sun

The sun represents divine light, enlightenment,

hope, universal truth, resilience, unity,

and harmony, reflecting our dedication to

spiritual enrichment and comprehensive education.

The Cross

The Unity Cross embodies God's love,

compassion, hope, strength, sacrifice,

victory over death, and unity, echoing Saint Teresa's devotion

to serving the marginalised and promoting love for all.

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